Client Hosting Plans

Webbees has three different monthly hosting plans. Each plan serves a different purpose suited to your business needs and affordability. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or read the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page

basic hosting

Plan A

C-panel Hosting

Premium Theme Licences

Email Accounts

Added Security with SSL

Weekly Back-up of full website

Core Software Updates

Sitemap Submitted to search engines

Connected to analytics

This plan would only work for those actively maintaining and updating their website with regular site and database backups

personal hosting

Plan B

C-panel Hosting

Premium Theme Licence

Email Accounts

Added WordPress Security

SSL Encryption

Malware and Spam Checks

Weekly Back-up of full website

One click Website restoring

Regular Software Updates

Premium Plugin Licences

Sitemap Submitted

Connected to analytics

business hosting

Plan C

Same as Plan B

Optimised WordPress Hosting

Better Security

Uptime Monitoring

Image Optimiser software

Webmaster quarterly checks

Analytics Goals setup

Quarterly SEO analysis

SSL site encryption

Bad Links tracked corrected

2 Service Credits per quarter

Do you want a bit more or less?

E-Commerce Support

from £50 per month
Custom WooCommerce supoort and maintenance with optional scaled hosting. Please get in touch for more details and a personalised quote.

Webbees Premium

From £200 per month

A fully supported business solution from hosting, maintenance, reporting and web presence consultancy. Please get in touch.

Self Hosted Websites

From £10.00 per month
Fast, secure and reliable c-panel hosting on our sister hosting company. You or your developer will install and maintain your website

Boost your hosting and maintenance package with SEO Services or Google Adwords for more exposure.

Improving the web

At Webbees, we always aim to improve the web for our clients. We constantly follow the latest trends in SEO and WordPress developments. As a Google Partner, we join regular webinars and training sessions as well as taking regular exams to test our knowledge to stay certified.

Contribute to WordPress

Furthermore, we are active contributors to the WordPress community. We have just started a Worcestershire WordPress group that is aimed at training and passing on expertise. This is in addition of a monthly WordPress gathering in Birmingham and Bristol, where the latest trends are being shared among developers and designers.

Building a safe and secure web is something that is constantly being discussed. Hackers have become very knowledgeable and are constantly trying to infiltrate websites through flaws in the software and plugins. We see that an average site like this gets thousands of attempted login attempts. These are done by robot computers that try passwords.

Premium Plugins and Software

We work with the best tried and tested software and plug-ins, and only use premium products where possible. When things don’t go to plan, Webbees are prepared to work very hard to solve the problems as quick as possible to keep the website live at any cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a service plan?

There are many reasons why you would need it but most importantly is to give you peace of mind! It also offers added security to your website and if things to go wrong then we help you get it right. Keeping the software up to date and making regular backups is something you would not need to worry about.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Yes, you manage your subscriptions through ‘my account’


Client service credits are chunks of our time to do whatever needs doing. This could be updating the website or making minor changes. You can buy these in advance to use at a later stage or we would ask you to buy them prior to commencing work. Purchase Client Credits >

Will you host my site or do I sort out my own hosting?

We can host your website and emails, however this is subject to a service plan. if you would like full independence then we would highly recommend only two companies to host your website with. Siteground (link) offers domain registration, email and website hosting. WP engine (link) are a dedicated WordPress hosting company.


Plugins are bits of functionality you can add to your WordPress website. Each of those has been developed by individuals or companies around the world. Some have been developed to a better standard than others, making it less likely to cause errors. If something happens these plugin developers would give active support. We always aim to work with the best developers therefore choosing Premium Plugins

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