Google Trends

Need some inspiration to write a story? Find a topic that is current and people are searching for right now. With Google Trends you get an insight within a snap to see what people are searching for in your country.

Two tips to get you started:

  1. Explore the burger menu
  2. Set your country and narrow your field with category

Google Trends

This tool can be a vital in your research. When are people searching for what term and where.

Below is an example of a search on four terms; Alcohol, Beer, Wine, Hangover. It is clear that the around new years eve the topic spikes compared to the rest of the year. This could be a good indication to prepare yourself for this topic around that period, or to advertise related content in a marketing campaign.

Please note that in the top menu you can narrow down the search even more.  

Google Trends Web Search interest alcohol hangover beer wine Worldwide Past 12 months

Have fun exploring new trends and topics – Webbees

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