Promoting Your Website

So the website is ready… but where are the visitors?

There are four standard ways to get more traffic.

  • Direct
  • Organic
  • Referral and Social
  • Paid


Direct Traffic

In order for people to find you directly they would type in a domain name in the browser address bar… pop there is the website. That is pretty straightforward and it is therefore to chose a simple domain name that can be easily remembered and not misspelled. To see if a domain name is available you could try a domain registrar like GoDaddy it offers alternative domain names if your favourite is not available. There are also websites that can give you ideas based on your name or words; find your domain.  Also don’t forget to print your domain name; add it to your email footer, letter header and business cards. 

Organic Traffic

The most tricky of them all, as you have very little control of how well you are found from search engines. SEO ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the art of being found or better would be to say: The art of getting Google to rank your website high. Let’s stick to Google as an example as it was used for nearly 90% of the time*.
First of all you have to make sure that your website is found and indexed by Google. Submitting it with Webmaster Tools is something would do as soon as the website goes live. Google will crawl the content and index your site. When a search query comes up it will put your website in the results. The ranking is dependent on the relevance of your site and how likely it will be that the searcher will click and stay on it.
The terms associated for this are CTR (Click Through Rate), Bounce Rate (if the website is irrelevant visitor will leave straight away) and Session Duration is a measurement of how long the visitor stays on your site. These values determine whether the website is a good suggestion for the queries Google receives. 

Once your website has been live and connected to Analytics you can start to dig a little deeper on how your site is performing. Based on the keywords that were used to find and click to your website, you get a pretty clear picture on whether the website is found. 

If this is not as you like it and you feel that certain terms should be in there then start writing about it in your news, blogs and homepage. Read writing to be found for more writing tips. You should always aim to keep on adding content to your website. Search engines like it when a website is active and current. It also helps with visitors engagement as encourages them to come back. The is another measurement of a good serving website. 

Apart from a sound working website, with no dead links and spam, there is one more thing to think of when adding content: add original quality images. With quality I don’t mean the best and highest resolution, but the best quality for loading and visual still very sharp. Also name your images so that search engines can replace an image with a title and it recognises the content of the images too.

Referral and Social

Referral visitors have come to your website when clicked on a link from another source. Social clicks would be from a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Everybody understands the value of building a community using social media. What is always important to remind yourself of, is to convert the audience into customers and visitors. Not just building a large following and spending a lot of time serving the wrong type of client. 
Building a community with blogs, other websites that serve a similar audience is just as important. Also a link on there can serve a much long period of life unlike on social media where it quickly disappears of the timeline. Start exploring forums and blogs and comment in communities that would appreciate your link. A good honest advice from a ‘friend’ is worth more can pay off very well. 

Paid traffic

The biggest player is no surprise… Google Adwords. Using a service like Adwords can dramatically increase traffic to your site. When you first launch your site it probably will start at the bottom of the Google ranking and will get very few clicks. Adwords can increase visitor rates to your site and if they stay there then this will be flagged up as a positive development. It will no doubt boost your SEO score and Organic search ranking.

Also Facebook and Microsoft Bing offer paid advertising. What is very important is always to calculate your Return On Investment. What is a visitor worth to you? If you like to discuss using a paid service then please get in touch so we can analyse the most suitable campaign for your needs.



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