Writing to be found

How do you write a good strong content that will make your website standout? We all have heard of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. It is a term that came across far too often and not been understood by many. Let’s forget the term for a little while as 90% of it is a technical aspect and instead focus on these 5 general tips when writing pages for your website:

  1. Research your customers; find out what they are looking for. What sort of terms are they using to find a particular product or service. Google offers a tool to research what is trending in what area. Google Trends .
  2. Write for your audience; Once you have discovered what your potential customers are searching for, you should keep your style as natural as possible. Write as if you are talking to them. When you speak you don’t overuse a certain words or phrases, so don’t do it when you write text.
  3. Keep it simple; small digestible blocks of text and small sentences that keep the reader captured.
  4. Be organised; give your pages headers that capture the text and sub-headers that capture the paragraphs. Name your images and give them descriptions.
  5. Review and update; check the content of your pages regularly and review it. Make changes and additions to keep it fresh, original and current.

Once you keep to these general rules, you will find that your SEO score will improve in time. In WordPress there are several external and build-in software tools that can help you improve your search-ability and SEO ‘score’.

Below is a little video of an example of how your visitors might get frustrated of they can’t find what they are looking for.

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