To blog or not to blog?

If you have a professional website, is keeping a blog a good idea? There is no right or wrong answer on this question. But lets put the pros and cons in a row and ask yourself the question again… To blog or not to blog?


  1. A lot of small blogs or stories will give your visitors a good impression of what you or your business is like.
  2. The right ‘keywords’ in your blog will generate traffic.
  3. People love to share a good story or a few good tips, leading to more traffic.
  4. It is fun to blog and share your story with the world.
  5. Blogging can also be a news, story or images.
  6. Share your blog post on social media that it will always link back to your website.
  7. Good content will more likely get more subscribers.
  8. If you allow comments, you can start a conversation with your readers.
  9. Special software can block spam and even take out negative comments.
  10. Teach your audience and learn from them, take it as a journey.


  1. Writing a good content can be quite time consuming and requires a regular creative writing style.
  2. A blog post once every year or even 6 months is not really going to attract visitors to return.
  3. Beware of copyrights! Use of others images to support your story is not always legal.  Always check the copyrights disclamation and give credits to the rightful owners of the content that is not your own.
  4. If a blog does not support your aim of your website it would be a waste of time.
  5. Allowing negative comments would be discouraging or even upsetting. Don’t take it personal! 
  6. Ray-bans, Medicine and dodgy links, yes you guessed it; spam, spam, spam.
  7. What you think is relevant today could be irrelevant tomorrow, yet your story is still read for months to come.

Blogging is clearly not for everyone and requires some determination, time and routine. Technology has come a long way and can help making blogging a lot more effective and enjoyable. For example; turn of comments, time when your posts get published, who can read them and who can comment. Make sure you take the right choice and think of the best way to get your story across to help your business.

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