Make the most of images

Everyone can shoot a pretty decent image these days as technology will compensate for it. Various software and apps can enhance your images to get the best out of it. When selecting images for your website you always need to take several factors in mind.

  • Quality vs Quick loading; internet speed is improving by the day. The days when you had to wait for an image to load have long gone, or have they? What about when you view images in a mobile being on 3G? Choosing a high quality image for desktop view, and a medium quality image for mobile could be a sensible decision. One thing is for sure that, it is you, have to create the best possible image- a pixelated photo is just not cutting it anymore for your website.
  • Colours and Colors; the high-end desktop screens have a wider colour range than your tablet. Aiming high when it comes to photography, will make sure that the best possible result is being displayed. Ask yourself if this is going to make the sale of your product or do the competitors images look better? 
  • It’s in the detail; photographing a product from one angle is just not enough anymore. People expect to see every corner and detail as if they can almost touch the products. The backdrop can sometimes make or break an image too. At this point, hiring a professional photographer could make a huge difference. Always use a professional photographer for your images that is edited and ready for web upload. 

Useful notes:

  • Image Optimizer is an online image size reducer that can be used by the client.
  • Worpress has a build-in image re-sizer.
  • Polarr Photo editor is and excellent free software with step by step tutorials. 

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