Author: Ronald Gijsel

Stock Images for Free

We all love free things! Yet we know that on the internet we have to be ever so careful when it comes to using images that are in the public domain. There are enough stories about companies suing individuals for using copyrighted images. Below is a list with websites that offer free images to use for your website project. Always read the terms and conditions and give credit when credit is due.

Optimise your Images

When we shoot images with our camera we need the best quality… as soon as you load them on your website you probably realise that they are too good, too high quality and the file too large. This is one of the most common problems for a slow website and also one of the easiest ones to fix. Image Resizer does exactly what it says on the tin. It resizes your image to your desired quality. Experiment with a lower quality and see what works best. >>Image Resizer 

Find your domain

Finding a name and let alone a domain name that is still available on the wide world web can be quite tricky. With the help of a few tools that can be found online, you could get quite creative and come up with something catchy and unique. Here are some links to help you get going…

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Writing to be found

How do you write a good strong content that will make your website standout? We all have heard of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. It is a term that came across far too often and not been understood by many. Let’s forget the term for a little while as 90% of it is a technical aspect and instead focus on these 5 general tips when writing pages for your website:

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